Escuela Jaleo, LLC

About the School

"JALEO" - utterances of approval and encouragement (rhythmic gestures used among dancers, singers and musicians).

Welcome to Escuela Jaleo, a place to learn the spirit of flamenco. At Escuela Jaleo you can learn the art forms of Escuela Bolera, Spanish Dance and Flamenco.

Debra Belo developed the school’s curriculum, as well as all choreographies taught in the classes and workshops.  She brings over 30 years of experience in training techniques, developing various programs, and numerous performances.

The school's disciplined training follows a more traditional style, known today as “old school” Flamenco, which is influenced from The Great Flamenco Masters.  Escuela Jaleo is where the 'old' meets the 'new'. 
 Escuela Jaleo‘s  essence is to bring educational, quality programs to students so they
can gain knowledge of the history, dance, music and cultural art forms of Flamenco and Spanish Dance.   Escuela Jaleo ~~ where quality matters.

Escuela Jaleo offers a fun and interactive way to learn the artistic form of Flamenco and Spanish Dance, while combining modern style choreographies of today's "Nuevo Flamenco". 

Students experience:

  • Juerga ~ festive performances that are informal and enjoyed by all ages
  • Tablao ~ club performances that follow more structure and training to execute choreographies
  • Teatro ~  theatrical performances that incorporate a modern style of Flamenco

For more information or event bookings contact:

Program Director, Debra Belo

Artistic Director, Nelson Sitton Carrillo - JALEO Arte Flamenco Dance Company

Public Relations Consultant, Laura Campos

Artistic Advisor, Tina McCoy

Stage Manager, Anita Ayerbe

Rehearsal Coach, Renee Gokey

Musicians Rehearsal Coach, Jackie Perodin
Debra Belo - Curriculum Courses
Renee Gokey - Fairfax Location
Salli Gutierrez - Dance Programs (Spain)
Jackie Perodin - Musicians Cuadro
Maria Roncal - Workshops
Nelson Sitton Carrillo - Workshops
Guest Instructors:
Paloma Gomez (National Ballet of Spain)
La Conja (cante / baile)
El Gamba de Jerez (cante)
Juan Paredes (jaleo / baile)
Marija Temo (cante / baile / guitarra)
Nelida Tirado (baile)
Pablo Rodarte (baile)

Business Partners:
Ballet Nova Center for Dance - Escuela Jaleo, LLC Curriculum Programs
Circle of World Arts - Non-Profit Organization
Conservatory Ballet - Spanish Dance Programs
Cuerpo y Alma Flamenco (Musical Accompaniment)
Flamencista - Dance Apparel
Flamenco Sali - Spain Study Programs and Workshops
JALEO Arte Flamenco - Professional Dance Company
Menkes New York - Dance Apparel
Mirada Flamenca - Professional Resident Artists

(703) 677-5790