Escuela Jaleo, LLC


What people are saying about our programs and Choreographer/Dance Coach, Debra "La Furia"

03/13 - "My daughter had a lot more fun than had expected, which is what I wanted, and we will attend more workshops periodically."  Jorge

08/13 - “I am the new student who came last time to class! It was wonderful talking to you afterwards and I am really looking forward to future classes with you!  I am so happy to have found you!"  Nica

12/13 - "It was a lot of fun watching you perform!  I enjoy taking your classes and look forward to seeing you in the New Year."  Anita

12/13 - "Thank you for hosting such a nice show, I thought it pulled together very nicely and it felt very positive! Good going!"  Renee

01/14 - “I want you to know I had a wonderful experience and you are a fantastic teacher. I felt very comfortable in your class. Again, I look forward to seeing you and the class on Saturday."  Carolyn

05/14 - "You are an awesome teacher. I realized it because you REALLY know your stuff..."   Mary

09/14 - "… loved everything in your weekend July workshops and the workshop with Pablo."   Carolyn

05/15 - 'Debra's classes at Escuela Jaleo provide an encouraging environment in which to learn the beautiful movements of flamenco.  In every series of classes, Debra works with the students at each level to choreograph a dance that we can successfully perform.  It felt so rewarding to master a Sevillanas dance only three months after I started studying flamenco!"   Kristin

05/15 - "Flamenco to me is synonym of strength and passion.  That is exactly what I've found participating in Debra's workshops.  I am only a beginner and her choreographies are challenging in the most satisfying way!  I leave her class feeling accomplished."   Luisa

05/15 - "I love going to the class! I admire the teacher, Debra, and her passion about Flamenco dance. She is an experienced teacher and dancer. I am currently enrolled in the beginner class but I am looking forward to learning a lot from her."   Li

07/15 - "I have been traveling from West Virginia since January 2014 to begin flamenco instruction with Debra Belo. The journey has certainly been worth the reward, which is the excellent instruction in technique and the excitement of choreography. I have also had the pleasure and distinct honor of attending two workshops with Pablo Rodarte, which only furthers my determination to learn this dance that I love so much. Bravo, Debra, for making my dream come true!"   Carolyn

07/15 - "I enjoyed very much Pablo's workshop. He brought richness of Spanish culture, passion of Flamenco dance. Being proud of his own culture, dance with a great pride and attitude ( in a good way). I especially love the technique part that is very helpful for the beginners and even intermediate level. I look forward to attend his next workshop."  Li

8/15 - "Super enjoyed the workshop with Pablo Rodarte! He not only teaches technique and choreography, but manages to include structure of the music and song, palmas and flamenco style in a very lively and enjoyable way. Each student gets personal attention. Looking forward to the next workshop with Pablo! ."  Marisol

10/15 - "Your love of sharing the art shows--and it makes all the difference."  Lynn

11/15 - "I am thrilled that I met you! I like your style. After all my searching I have found a GOOD TEACHER."  Susan

12/15 - "As a beginner flamenco dancer, Debra provides that extra attention to myself and other students who are having difficulty learning a dance move. I appreciate the patience by her going over repeatedly the steps until we catch on. I feel as if I actually progressed and have more confidence to move on to the next level."  Marquita

05/16 - "Debra, you are the number one in playing castanets in the entire DC area."  Nelson

06/16 - Thank you for the opportunity of another wonderful workshop with Pablo.  I love your workshops!"  Carolyn

08/16 - "I'm beginning to understand the palmas and rhythm. Thank you so much for your patience and for making it fun to learn. Working with an experienced guitarist makes a big difference in learning to listen. I enjoy coming to classes on the weekend and look forward to attending more classes and workshops."  Mimi

08/16 - "Debra, the Summer Workshops were fabulous! I feel like I understand the dances so much better than I did before.  I'm encouraged and can't wait to start again after Labor Day."  Lynn

08/16 - "I really want to thank you for all your hard work and passion that you put in your classes and have helped me to learn and savor the many “palos” that are within the Flamenco art form and now I am able to dance and explore more. Every time that I listen to Flamenco music my heart fills with joy."  Marxi

07/17 - "I thought class with Nelson was excellent and he was very attentive to the areas where I need work on."  Carolyn

11/17 - "Super gracias! for a fun and helpful Flamenco dance course.  You’re a wonderful and inspirational teacher! I appreciated your patience with my very beginner level, and look forward to starting classes in January."  Kerrin